MYS Jobs often opt for Contract-to-Hire Staffing Solutions in order to assess the candidate’s potential in real-time business situations…..This helps them assess well and know more of what to expect from the hire.


There are two major ways to hire someone, one is your usual Direct Hire for long-term staffing needs and the other one is the more efficient but short-term contract-to-hire.

In the former, the employees are hired to work permanently by the employers but in the latter, they work for a predefined duration or on a given project or assignment and are relieved after that.

The contract-to-hire model brings staffing agencies into the picture that freely use both the hiring models to supply relevant workforce based on the requirements of the organization. 

Contract-to-hire staffing takes contract-based jobs a step further and adds the opportunity of the employee being hired for a full-time position after carefully gauging their performance during the contract period. Quite a number of organizations around the globe now frequently use the contract-to-hire as their go-to hiring option for instantly fulfilling their ever-changing workforce needs.

Many organizations quickly went ahead with the contract-to-hire model, which, being a remote job, essentially meant that they got access to a much wider talent pool than they usually had. While we do hope for things to go back to normal, one should not overlook the fact that this also means organizations can now use this model as long as they want, which may lead to lesser permanent jobs.

Benefits of the Contract-to-Hire Model

Contract-to-hire allows organizations to dynamically scale their workforce when required in a cost-effective style but that’s not the only benefit this hiring model offers to businesses.

Opportunity to Experience a Trial Run : Hiring an employee can be a complex process that usually involves both time and money. You designate resources and manpower to help you find a suitable candidate and at the end of the day, it turns out that the employee would not be the right fit for your organization in the long run. What to do now? Fortunately, the contract-to-hire model doesn’t suffer from such problems.


The model effectively allows you to test a hire thoroughly for a few months before the organization finally decides to absorb them for a permanent job role. Based on the duration of the contract, you can take anywhere from one month to a few months to assess the hire. This results in a drastic reduction in bad hires, saving your company from incurring, or should we say, wasting any additional costs on on boarding and replacements.

Assess a Candidate’s Skills : The entire contract-to-hire model has been built around the idea to give organizations the opportunity to gauge if the candidate is the right fit for the job role as well as the organization. You can think of the model as an extended job interview.

With this hiring model, organizations can get plenty of time to thoroughly evaluate the skills of the candidate, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in bad hires and the money spent on them.

Flexibility of Staffing :  With this hiring model, organizations can instantly tap into a pool of some of the most skilled professionals when the challenges begin to ramp up.

Contract-to-hire can give you all the power to dynamically scale up your workforce for a long and complicated project and then scale it back down when the needs have been successfully fulfilled.

This particular benefit also makes contract-to-hire perfect for meeting seasonal or project-based challenges head-on and helps organizations save money on slower seasons.

Budget Flexibility : The contract-to-hire process, organizations can achieve a monetary advantage.

Employers generally pay the contract-based hires according to the number of work hours instead of giving them a fixed salary each month. 

These hires also don’t receive any of the perks and benefits their full-time counterparts get, although this may vary depending on the staffing agency’s or the employer’s terms. This is one of the major areas where an organization cuts down on its salary expenses. If your organization is also facing budget issues, wondering whether your budget would allow a full-time hire or not, we recommend going for the contract-to-hire to reduce your hiring expenses as much as possible.

By adopting contract-to-hire, organizations can maintain a steady flow of insights and ideas that forces them to regularly update their way of working and essentially keeps the spirit of innovation alive within them, something internal hiring might not have been able to do. It can also play a major role in stimulating current employees into thinking differently.

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