Contract Staffing

Our contract staffing services to add professionals to your team for a period of time.

Contract Staffing is ideal if you need to:


  • Bring in unique skill sets required for a project.
  • Add additional team members to accelerate project timelines.
  • Fill roles that are not expected to be needed far into the future.

How It Works

Contract professionals usually work on-site at the client location on a 40-hour per week basis.  They can also work remotely, on part-time schedules, or on-demand.

Most engagements of contract professionals are 6-24 months long, but can also be significantly longer.

We hires the professionals and makes them a team member of MYS Jobs and then provides them to companies on a services basis with hourly billing.

Why Use Contract Staffing?

  • Flexibility — Quickly secure resources when you need them and discontinue the expense when they are no longer needed.
  • Gain access to highly skilled resources.
  • MYS Jobs does the work of locating top talent.
  • Speed up the hiring process — bring on resources quickly on a contract basis and hire the best.
  • Smaller decisions — it is a much smaller decision to bring on a contract resource than to hire a full-time employee. This allows managers to move forward with needed resources and get the work done with less risk.

Use Cases

  • We provide a Candidate for approximately 18 months to manage a large networking infrastructure upgrade.