Aviation Industry

Aviation Industry


he emerging requirements of the Aviation industry is accurately understand by us as a whole. The significant growth showed by aviation sector, results in the increasing demand of professional manpower solutions. The sharp minded personnel selected by us hold high expertise in respective field areas.

With the growth of airline sector, the industry has seen increased demand of professional manpower solutions comprising sharp minded executive holding high expertise in their respective field areas. Further, the global liberalization and opening up of the sector for the private players has also seen the industry gain as well as positively contribute towards the rising employee base in industry.


Specialized Recruitment Requirements:

The cost of poor candidate selection costs company dearly in terms of –

  • High staff turnover with consequential costs
  • Wasted time, money and efforts
  • Disruption and absent of vital process support resources

Hence, for supporting the need of quality recruitment based on the specific requirements of the skill sets, companies are engaging support of psychologists as well as selection specialists so as to assess potential candidates during recruitment campaigns.

Our Expertise:
  • Years of experience gained by us in the Aviation/Airline industry sector
  • Team support of specialist recruiters
  • Proposed recruitment process well supported by sophisticated and extensive research based systems/recruitment models to assess candidates for different available positions
  • Being Aviation Recruitment Agency, we have expertise in offering recruitment solutions either ab initio or under different recruitment phases
  • Experience of selecting/recruiting aviation personnel for Civil operators, Military operators, VIP corporate aircraft operators
  • Aviation Recruitment Consultants division well supported by experienced personnel including aviation psychologists who assist in providing comprehensive solutions related to involved recruitment processes including Screening, Recruitment and Selection
  • Expertise in providing clients with service support for executive search services in regards to aviation personnel, with psychometric & psychological profiling support