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MYS Jobs will enhance productivity, reduce costs and increase your opportunity to garner a solid position in the market for your products and services. Companies determined to keep their competitive edge now and in future which are developing through comprehensive quality management systems and benefits of installing a quality management system are enormous.

Our clients benefit from our multicultural approach, because each one in the team is deeply embedded in their local market. Their respective knowledge is enhanced by real world experience beyond search. Team knows the reality of the environment in terms of business issues, implementation challenges and appropriate resources - validating market conditions, including remuneration trends.

Our global infrastructure includes a broad range of expertise across different industries, encompassing regional and local markets. This provides breadth, whilst we ensure that our colleagues could work in depth. We have developed a proprietary technology platform that goes beyond standard systems to harness the true wealth of our global knowledge and capabilities. Consistently having an high quality deliverable, MYS Jobs Systems are being developed to comply with current international directives, standards and practices. Read more

Our Services

Search completion deal closure and follow up

We review the leading candidates with our client and explore how the profile of each individual is aligned with key elements of the business. We prioritize the final candidates and recommend negotiation terms.

Candidate Identification and assessment

The next stage involves the development of an initial candidate list, by conducting preliminary research within our extensive global database, targeting specific individuals and benchmarking internal candidates against those in the market.

Business context and search strategy

Candidate search is not just about finding great candidates. It is about understanding the need behind the search and relating that to a candidate’s ambition in the evolving business environment.

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Business Services